Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Obviously transitions aren't my strong point. Trouble is, this is a blog and while one day is all geetocks and rubber policemen the next is... well it just is.

So it was a tough day yesterday. I invented a word for it a while ago, a word just Child 2 and I use: gronky. I was gronky most of yesterday. It's sort of a combination of grumpy and cranky but there's a side-note of self-awareness that lets you laugh a little. Just a little.

Child 2 countered with the version "grunky" but that sounds like grimy and gunky portmanteau'd together and I definitely don't want to be that.

The one good thing about those gronky days is they don't last forever - they just feel like they will. So.

This morning I got a request to send copies of some designs I had done for a major event we had recently. I was particularly pleased with these designs - I liked the whole thing, the composition, the palette - all of it. Often I'll do something and then I have to stare at it for the next six months and by the end of it I hate the darn thing, but this one... well I'm still happy with it.

Someone's going to be writing the event up for a small newsletter and they want to enliven the whole thing with some graphics; it's all good publicity for a program that still needs support so I'm happy to oblige and I send over a couple of files. An email comes flying back asking if there is a graphic artist credit they can use - this is an extremely unusual request around here where most of the work goes whizzing by without much attention paid to who did it or what it took to get it done. I give her my name and throw in a laughing comment on the jack-of-all-trades stuff I do lately. She sends this back:

"Wow - those were fantastic! I bought t-shirts for my husband and son, both because [it] was a great event, and because the graphics were so striking!"

I have to smile at the screen.

Today's not going to be such a gronky day.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the getting kudos for your work!

One of those oddities that gives more dimension to something completely unrelated than it at first appears...Gronk is a pretty well-known chicano artist who uses a female figure in his works known as "Tormenta" -- operatic angst -- and did a big project at UNM, Brain Flame.

Kellan Rhodes said...

Great job! It's nice to have those moments where something we do is acknowledged. I'm glad you had the moment and that the gronkiness is fading away.

child 2 said...

they also made a hanky out of it...that's going past obsession. and grunky was used to describe a squished fly/stuff under nails.

child2 said...

and the word is cronky by the way.

For Kirk said...

Meh. S'my word and I'll mess it up if I wanna!