Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Brain Hurts

One of the Children has a test today in Algebra II (Now! With Calculus!). All three had a day off yesterday to allow the one grade we don't represent to take an exam, so in theory Child had plenty of time to do a little studying. Theories are so nice, aren't they? After Child returned from soccer in the afternoon I asked it how much actual real algebra it had done and it wailed: "Augh! I was hoping I could have SOME fun today!" Since this was after spending a happy day sleeping in, playing video games, reading books, playing soccer and inhaling large numbers of waffles (yes, all day as far as I can tell) I wasn't entirely sympathetic.

However, I am a Good Mom so I agreed to help it go over its math.

Ooooh boy was that fun! Two hours where we flung cos and tan around with wild abandon, where the asymptote was approached but never really reached and csc was firmly put into its place (once we peeked at the back of the book to see how the heck they got D out of A and B).


Which meant that very early this morning I looked at the clock and spent a good five minutes trying to work out 3 a.m. in radians.

Do me a favor Child, next time could you please have a nice gentle crisis with Jane Austen?


Kellan said...

My son came home yesterday with Metric math - I sent him to his older sisters. See ya.

For Kirk said...

I only wish I could have. I didn't do trig in school so I was huddled over the text book trying to make sense of it AND explain it at the same time. We're slogging through though... slowly... go on, ask me about arccosine!

child2 said...

no, please don't. she can't even write the n in tangent.

Child 1 said...

And THIS is why im not taking a math this year.