Monday, October 29, 2007

Alan Johnston - Q&A

Alan Johnston answered a few questions from BBC viewers, including his opinions on the political and military situation in the Gaza Strip and on Hamas's efforts to free him. As a reporter who spent years in the area and who has numerous personal ties his insights are fascinating and, I feel, important. Definitely worth a read, particularly if you live in a country that tries to influence the situation.


Anonymous said...

You've followed Alan Johnston's story very closely. Have you considered writing to him? At least think about it, if you haven't written him already.

For Kirk said...

I haven't... I'm terrible about writing to well-known people because I always wonder why in the world they should care what I have to say, and then I figure they'd be a little annoyed that I was assuming they'd want to take up their valuable time with ME and... yeah, I'm great that way! BUT I have recently thought that maybe sometimes people like to hear nice things about themselves and... it's so much fun being me!

Oh, what I meant was, thanks for the link. I think I just might gird up the ol' loins and draft a letter.