Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oh Dear

The Siblings gave Child 3 a particular game it had asked for and I (being a generous and kind mother) lifted the electronics ban so the game could be tried at once.

As far as I can tell the premise is that you have a car. This car is very, very fast, and also is indestructible. This is very important because you are supposed to drive at top speed through various city streets and little things like light posts and other vehicles often get in the way. Child 3 is very, very good at this game. It spent a happy hour zipping its pixelated vehicle up and down the road with a sturdy disregard for obstacles that was truly impressive to watch. In fact, I found I couldn't watch so after five minutes I left the Children to it and retired with a nice Dorothy Sayers for company. I could hear a muffled series of whoops and giggles punctuated by loud tire screeching and frequent crashes coming from the front room.

The game was turned off with some reluctance at the end of the night and Child 3 came to my door with a slightly manic gleam in its eyes.

"Mom, let's go out to the mall parking lot right now and you can start teaching me to drive!"

Child 3 couldn't understand my reluctance at all.

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How Strange!