Saturday, April 11, 2009


Child 1 is scheduled to work all day tomorrow and, being a-religious AND rather an idiot I hadn't realized it's Easter Sunday until about two days ago. Quick talk with Child 1 to re-schedule traditional family activities to today plus even quicker run to the store to procure the necessary supplies and ka-bling, holiday saved!

So last night we had the Traditional Tossing of the Jelly Beans (all-time high score for getting beans down one child's shirt, but disappointing on the bounce-em-off-the-male-child's-head round. Still, Child 1 continued to make entertaining whooping noises and diving for cover so, all in all, a great success).

This morning we had to cancel our hike due to wind, rain and hail (and Child 3 even more disappointingly wasn't able to go on a training flight) but made up for things with an excellent omelet and rather a lot of giggling.

In the afternoon the Children were all shoved out the door and the Hiding of the Easter(ish) Candy was accomplished. This year I did break with tradition and actually write down the hiding spots - good thing too as the Children were only able to find about 1/4 without hints (apparently the ones taped to the inside frame of the kitchen cabinet and stashed deep inside the sheets of foil were particularly nasty).

While the Children replenished their mental stores with large amounts of chocolate and gummy bears I made some rather nice marinated lamb, potatoes and a salad (because nothings says Happy Fertility/Return of Spring celebration like eating the flesh of sweet cuddly animals, particularly if it's been well seasoned with cumin and allspice).

Amongst all of that we STILL managed to clean the refrigerator, vacuum pretty much anything that seemed even moderately floorish and get those surfaces that hadn't been thoroughly swept over in the candy hunt well and truly dusted.

Now, replete and beautifully virtuous, we're lolling around following Child 3's suggestion of having a Jackie Chan-fest (at this very moment the evil Eagle Claw school is trying to wipe out the Snake-something-or-other school. It's all very exciting).

Child 1 had a moment of brilliance and coined the perfect name for this faux-Easter holiday we've had all day.

Happy Feaster everyone.

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MitMoi said...

Happy Feaster Eve to you too!!