Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Child 1 is studying for an anthropology test. I am being Helpful.

Child 1: Dating methods,

Me: [avoids talking about chat up lines and clubbing. Am very helpful]

Child 1: Radiometric

Me: That's where they check out their Pandora stations

Child 1: [natters on about something anthropologic]

Me: If it's mostly classic rock they're probably in their fifties.

Child 1: [natters rather more loudly]

Me: Hey! Child 3! I'm helping Child 1 with its studying!

Child 2 enters and proceeds to point out all the snerkable words there are in anthropology - surprising how many there are. Child 1 bravely soldiers on, substituting Homo Ergaster for Homo Erectus.

Child 1: ... [anthroisms] ... Oldewan ...

Me: [delighted] That sounds like a Jedi!

Child 1: ... occipital bun ...

Me: That's where they liked to pile their hair!

Child 1: [patient explanation of occipital bun. Which I ignore]

Child 1: Out of Africa... no interbreeding...

Me: I don't think that works. I think we would have laid everything that came across our path.

Child 1: [with enormous patience] I think I'm done being helped with now.


kate said...

Haha, Child 1 gets extra credit for being so good-natured about all the help.

Child 1 said...

Actually the test was way easy and I finished no problem. And I only giggled a little...

Anonymous said...

how helpful you are. i'm amazed the kid passed.

Megan said...

Kate - poor, poor Child 1 has had much practice. However, I think it's also now ready for any number of very trying careers!

Child 1 - is due to fabulous helping. And innate intelligence.

Emily - Well, Child 1 is irritatingly bright AND studies (which its mum didn't work out for years. Also it adores its anthro class!

Mrs Boob Pencil said...

Haha, I love that last line. You sound like a brilliant mum.

Megan said...

MBP - oh I am, and I tell my Children so regularly else they might not notice!