Tuesday, April 07, 2009


In relation to the previous post - having spent a few minutes walking the aisles of a well known store I would like to request the following:

Dear little-girls's-clothing-manufacturers:

1) "Little" girl also implies young. As in not 20. Or 30. Seriously.

2) Please cease instantly producing a) anything sporting the words 'foxy,' 'sexy,' or 'hot.' I would personally prefer to add 'princess' but that's just me; b) shorts or trousers with ANYTHING written across the bum - anything at all; c) belly shirts, micro-minis and short shorts for the under 18 group. I'm a mother so honestly I'd like to make that ban universal but having worn all three in my rash and splenitive youth, the God who Smiteth Hypocrites would probably wallop me.

3) Bratz. No. Not ever, not at all, not remotely - NO.

4) While I recognize that Disney Poplette's sell items, the number of tweenlings baring their teeth at me from t-shirts etc is giving me nightmares of being gnawed to death by miniature plastic people who, strangely, keep breaking out the jazz hands. You just might be held responsible for the therapy bill.

5) Please explore the amazing range of colors beyond your current palette of 'light pink,' 'mid-pink' and 'dark pink.' In particular consider the vibrant possibilities past the pastel line. Blue, green, it's a whole world of Barbie-free opportunity.

Yours sincerely etc.


CAR said...

I second every word of that.

Brigid Day said...

I third every word of that. Oh, and how about some sandals for my 4YO (who happens to have big feet) that aren't wedges or heels.

Baglady said...

Hear hear. Surely it's unfair to the paedophiles to have sexy kids?

Child 1 said...

What scares me is children texting... better than me!

Anonymous said...

and brown. i love little girls in brown