Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Well, due to the Male Child deciding (on purpose I'm sure) to develop an ophthalmic migraine today I'm still not going to get that darn other post done.

So, instead a short piece of our holidays.

Over New Years I found myself with just Child 2 still awake; Children 1 and 3 had long since tottered off to bed. We cuddled on the couch watching a Survivor Man episode [for uninitiated: Survivor man takes one idiot, drops him alone (with a number of cameras) into some remote place and lets him starve for a week or so. We've sort of lost a bit of respect for him after he failed to catch a salmon during the run - you have to work a bit NOT to catch a salmon during the run]. While Child 2 remained alert and interested I kept dozing off (to the amusement of the Child), only seeing bits and pieces here and there as Survivor man failed to catch anything in a trap. Finally, fed up with his ridiculous practice of ignoring the obvious, I stated my opinion of what he should do clearly and firmly and went to bed. However, in doing so I apparently provided yet one more completely incomprehensible phrase for my family to quote at random moments.

Which is why, not two minutes ago, the Male Child in the midst of its migraine suddenly turned to me and declared, "Keeella ganu!"*

I think it's getting better.

* The full phrase actually went, "He should keeella ganu**! Lookat da ganu! He could eatfer weeks. Stoopid man."

** The right and proper pronunciation of gnu. And wildebeest is no fun at all.

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child said...

survivorman set his shelter on fire...he had the fire inside it...duh it's gonna burn! it's driftwood! no respeck man, no respeck...