Tuesday, January 06, 2009



Yerse, sorry about that. Sometime around the last two or three days of holiday I suddenly developed this amazing allergy to my computer. Not quite sure why...

So I might have sort of not read or replied to comments... or emails... or...


I am back now and I do have the second what-I-gotsted-for-Christmas post sort of burbling away in the back of my mind along with a bonus post that I thought of all by myself. And yes I'll catch up on the commenting and emailing thingy too... mumble... sorry and that... mumble.

Anyway I know I'm back because I found myself at work on Monday and found that that mouse? The one that wasn't stirring on Christmas Eve? Some time around Christmas day he woke up and thought he'd have a festive little run around my desk. I know because he left a tiny little shriveled present for me, a little welcome gift for Monday morning.

Yes, the holidays are definitely over.

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