Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Lo! There was smoting!

Colloquially that would be, "We done been smitified."

I was happily working away on my computer when there was a "ffffZZZZZPT" noise and the computer turned off. And no, naturally I hadn't just saved any of the four files I was working on. I did, however, remain quite calm and cool and dignified AND I didn't use any of the more descriptive words in my vocabulary. I might have blinked for a minute or two at the now cold, dead screen in the slightly delusional belief that Computers Which Die Can Also Therefore Live. Then I wandered sadly into the hallway because basically without my computer I have no purpose.

Which is where I learned that I was not alone because immediately two other people piped up with, "hey, did your computer just..."

Smiting, you see.

For the righteous sat smugly in front of their working machines while the wicked multitudes sort of swarmed around speaking blasphemy about award winning buildings that couldn't keep the power on. We even had outer darkness in the copy room.

In the end the rain fell upon the just and the unjust alike though because after about an hour four small electric carts and one large truck pulled up downstairs and the nine assorted physical plant workers strode around looking dubious and finally called us up to let us know we were being evacuated. Which, when you're dealing with a hundred or so academic types is far easier said than done as you have to keep chasing them back out again when they wander up for just one more book or that really, really vital pile of papers they might suddenly need. The students, however, were done, dusted and gone in two minutes flat.

Tomorrow if the electrics deity hasn't relented I'm going to spend my morning calling the building to repentance.

Heck, I need something to do without my computer.

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