Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I went to bed early last night, leaving the Children to watch the results coming in (mandatory school work - they HAD to watch television). I had just reached that almost-but-not-quite asleep moment, that magical moment when you're drifting off but you don't know it yet, that moment where if something should happen to startle you awake you're pretty much resigned to another half hour before you manage to achieve that state again. It was that moment, the moment when the election was so close as to be nearly almost totally already called for sure (it's a technical political phrase) that there were three huge flashes outside accompanied by incredibly loud, startling bangs.

So I lay in bed, jerked completely awake, and smiling.

Because there were fireworks in my neighborhood.

Fireworks over an election.

Fireworks because people were happy - happy about politics.

I think that's worth losing a little sleep over.


Anonymous said...

oh,yes. yes indeed.

Megan said...

Now let's keep this energy and citizen awareness and activism GOING. Because Obama has a tough, tough job ahead of him and we should all be part of it.