Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gratitide - no grudge involved

The Excellent Anna (she who is Boaty) has saved the day really as I wanted to write something about genuine, real, ungrudging gratitude but without walking straight into ooey gooey sentimentality (which I reserve for the privacy of my own home, thanks - my Children have much to fear) and fortunately she came up with the brilliant idea of writing about why I'm grateful for my blog.


- I'm grateful for my blog because it gave me a place to reclaim a story that had been taken away from me.

- I'm grateful for my blog because it allowed me to carve out a small place where I had some control at a time when I felt totally powerless.

- I'm grateful for my blog because writing my story has helped me find it again, and be willing to find a story past it.

- I'm grateful for my blog because it has let make friends I would never have otherwise met, and renew friendships I had lost.

There are many other things as well, but I think that will do for now, particularly as I need to cook the Brussels sprouts and the corn and give the apples a quick stir.

Hope your day is full of reasons to be thankful.

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