Saturday, November 01, 2008


On today's hike:

Child 1: Hmmm... the trail forks here.

Me: Yes, but see that one goes that way and this one goes this way. [slight pause for thought] That is the Way of the Trail.

Child 1: [with deep respect] You are wise in the Way of the Trail!

Child 2: [disgusted as we snort] You are just so weird.


Anonymous said...

Tao of Pooh?

Anonymous said...

The way of the trail should be known by all.

megan said...

Now I just need to achieve the Te of Piglet!

And anonymous (the 2nd) this was the hike where we actually did find the Way of the Trail - as opposed to The Way of the Deer which isn't quite as useful if you're trying to get somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The Te of Piglet has already been attained by others, how long have you been working on Tao of pooh? - Cadet