Friday, May 02, 2008

Susie Dow - New Article

Susie Dow, who blogs about Kirk and Ryan Manelick at MissingMan has written another article for ePluribus Media about her theory on Kirk's disappearance. You can read the full article here.

Also, there will probably be some changes 'round these parts soon. I started this blog simply to write Kirk's story but, obviously, family life and personal things crept in. Things are a little confusing as I whiz from stories about the Second Coming of John the Baptist as announced by placard to serious stuff about missing persons, about Iraq and about Kirk.

So, I think it might be time to divide things out a little. I'm not sure exactly what form that will take, but rest assured I'll let you all know what's going on so you can find what you're looking for (and ignore the rest).


wheelsonthebus said...

THank you for sharing the article. I cannot imagine how frustrating and painful and infuriating it must be knowing there is another story out there but *someone* is hiding it.

And, I like all the stuff you publish, on whatever topic.

Susie Dow said...

Thank you for linking to the article.

Based on web traffic, it's receiving a good response so far. One comment from an email sent to me from a US veteran that I'd like to pass along:

Bejeebus. A trained mech who doesn't check his vehicle nose-to-tail? Beyond unlikely.