Friday, May 16, 2008


I like that we use "commencement" when we talk about graduation from high school. I like that it's more about beginning than ending.

There were over 460 seniors in Child 1's class this year. Over 460 red gowns and red mortar boards dutifully trailed down the steep concrete sides of the huge college gym (many of the girls managing it in teetery high heels which I found most impressive). Over 460 of them sat patiently and listened to speeches and songs, really only wanting to walk through that line, hold on to that small, red folder and be told they could move their tassels from left to right.

Only one of them was Child 1.

The child who isn't a child any more. The cautious, careful, concerned child who has become a confident, beautiful, talented adult.

Whom I am infinitely proud of.

Who has been patient all year with being an "it," but who asked me to share this with you, who have read and emailed and commented.

This is Child 1.

And she is beginning something wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, young woman.

Carolyn said...

I found you on Mir's site, or some other blog, or some other site, I can't remember because I have BlogADD.

But I love your posts. Just thought I'd say hello. Like an internet stalker might do. Or something like that. Hello.

For Kirk said...

Hi Carolyn! And I think you have to go a little further than "hello" to be truly stalkery. I understand foot fetishes are big now.

Emily - I'll pass that along to her. Once she wakes up.

mujja said...

Child one is beautiful and wonderful to be just starting out with any adventure you choose to take before you...

Child 1 said...

of course, i had to screen that photo. no dumb open mouth, or weird face pics for ME. thanks everyone.

Yana said...

I have certainly read, although never before emailed or commented. Slightly belated congratulations Child 1! You are indeed both beautiful and talented.

(And thanks to your mom, for keeping me distracted at work week after week with such great writing.)

For Kirk said...

Yana - welcome, and thanks!

Allison said...

She's a beautiful mix of the two of you. Congratulations, Child Number One. Congratulations also to her Mom -- ya done good.

Duck said...

How proud you must be of her, and how proud she should be of herself.

What a fantastic time of life. Congratulations child 1.

'If I should see such riches..'