Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day Off

Three day weekend. Whole day off.

7:00 AM Not awake. I'm not. I can sleep in, will sleep in, I am NOT AWAKE.

7:05 I mean it.

7:10 Fine. Am awake. But I'm in bed. See? Right here. Lying down. Eyes... open damn it. What is it with sun on days off?

7:11 Up. But am going to be grumpy with anyone I see for the next hour or so because I should be asleep since it's my day off.

7:12 Maybe I should wake up the kids so I can have someone to be grumpy at.

7:13 Are you insane??

7:15 Fine. But I'm not going to work. This is my day off. I can...

7:17 ...

7:18 Okay, but I'm working IN BED

8:00 No sound from the Recently Gainfully Employed Child who needs to go fill out paperwork. Child should be allowed to make its own mistakes.


8:02 Oh. You had your alarm set. I knew that. Well, we're leaving in 45 minutes.

8:44 Hmmm... maybe I should get dressed...

9:00 Book store! And I'm being diligent and getting work done by researching! I'm so good.

9:05 Oooooh - art book....

10:00 Right, research, off I... ooooh! Other art book!

11:00 Oh. Child is done. Darn. I was just about to do all that research too.

11:15 Read to Children - their choice: Band of Brothers. Holland, France, Bastogne.

1:00 Work. Must work. Children far too entertaining and must be avoided. Retreat and firmly open laptop.

2:00 #$%$# CSS! Why is that div 2 pixels to the left of the div below? I should figure this out. I wonder what the Children are doing.

3:00 Two of the Children have abandoned me! Do they have no sense of their responsibilities? Must salve wounded feelings by poking Child 2 and making it yelp.

3:05 Child 2 very uncooperative. Laptop is singing forlornly in other room. Work.

5:30 Have resolved CSS! CSS is brilliant! I am brilliant!

6:00 Sudden cold feeling in stomach - have I any clean clothes at all for work tomorrow? Should maybe investigate hamper.

6:05 Why do Children feel laundry floor and inside and top of dryer are clothes storage areas? Think of caustic remarks for Children but realize some clothes are mine. Darn.

6:10 Very virtuous. Laundry done, CSS wrangled, Children looking intelligent and reasonably clothed and fed. Will not think about long list of small irritating changes that need making to that style sheet and all those graphics.

6:15 Must improve method of not thinking of things

6:20 OKAY will make small niggling changes but will also put on art commentary from film in background because IT'S MY DAY OFF

8:00 Take break to remind Children for 8th time of schedule for tomorrow.

9:00 Why do small niggling changes take so long?

9:30 Check small niggling changes in browsers.

9:35 @#$@#$ browser people! Why can't we all get along?

11:00 Browsers resolved. Mostly. Am brilliant. Browser people should be finely minced and fed to endangered carnivores thus accomplishing two things for the betterment of the world.

11:05 Ah... book? Read? Oh. Work tomorrow. Early.

Stupid day off.


carolyn said...

I wish someone would tell my dog that the kids are out of school and it's summer !damn it! and he can stop waking me up at 6:40.

Anonymous said...

You knew you had freetime but you didn't know how to use it effciently for you must be a slacker on your day off! Unless there is a huge project coming up! Then you work on that till it's done or looks done. What's a CSS? And Child 2 yelps when poked?! Shocking!! What has she done to deserve such ... poking? -Cadet

Anonymous said...

The Powers That Be decided we should have Tuesday off. I, of course, forgot and drove all the way to work only to walk up to the door of my office before I remembered. Sigh. At least I made it up by being late.

For Kirk said...

carolyn - why on earth has no one bred a dog with a snooze button?

Cadet - I am the world's worst slacker, not because I'm so terribly driven, but because I have such a low tolerance for boredom. Fortunately I (mostly) really like my work! CSS is Cascading Style Sheets, it's a web design thing that describes how a web page will look. Very exciting. Code looks like:

font: bold 16px/20px "Times New Roman", Times, serif;
color: #CD1041;
padding-bottom: 15px;

Now you're impressed, aren't you!

anonymous - that is EXACTLY what I would have done. Life would be so much simpler if it were ALL days off, wouldn't it?

much put upon child 2 said...

...not for me...stupid bored parent...