Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Indoor League

My boss told me a story today about how her step-sons were using their airSoft guns to fight some sort of sibling-annihilating guerrilla war game inside their mother's house. We both agreed easily that probably this is not an idea that would have flown had any reasonable female, and even some reasonable males, been around. Which instantly made me remember a story...

I came home in California one day to find the living room furniture all desperately hugging the walls. The rug had been rolled up and put aside as well to expose the grey carpet, and an entire field complete with goal boxes, midfield and free kick lines was marked out with masking tape. The combatants were spread out around the room and all looked up with a certain amount of guilt.

Except for one of course - the largest one. It had been his idea in the first place. Granted, Kirk felt he was being very responsible and sensible by insisting they replace the real soccer ball with a balloon. It was hardly his fault that one of the children still bears a scar from a mid-air collision when going for a header.

These things just happen you know, even in the best regulated households.

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child said...

that was amazingly fun!! we entertained ourselves for WEEKS, staying out of your way and taking out energy. it was PERFECT. except for the mid-air collision, which was entertaining too, seeing as all involved laughed.