Thursday, July 05, 2007

Glorious Fourth

It always feels a little petty of the universe to put the Fourth on a Wednesday. No four day weekend naturally, but worse, you have to then get up and go back to work the next day as though the entire neighborhood weren't firing off illegal fireworks well past 11 the night before.

Good fun was had though. Children 1 and 2 went one direction to incite acts of arson among young and impressionable types while Child 3 and I spent the evening with friends on the other end of town. They have a house that looks out over much of the city with a gorgeous view of the firework displays held at the fair-grounds, the balloon park, at least two country clubs as well as the enthusiastic if law-breaking neighbors. Since it's monsoon season we also had a very impressive lightening display and were finally chased out of our chairs by the rain.

No one lost a limb although Child 1 managed a small burn on the sole of its foot. It needs to come up with a really good story for that though because "sparkler accident" just doesn't sound all that heroic somehow. Nope, it definitely needs something that starts out:

"There I was..."

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