Monday, April 23, 2007

Rolling Stone Article - thoughts Part 2

So... the interview itself. It took a while to set it up actually. Originally Dan Halpern was going to come out here and talk to me in person. I have the impression that he did go to Turkey... or maybe Russia... or something, and talked to several of the other people face to face. I'm pretty sure he met with Greg Manelick, and probably the Ultra Service employee mentioned in the article. By that time I think he knew already that he wanted to spend more time on the Manelick story, and so coming out here was probably not really justified.

Finally he just called, and we talked for several hours over two evenings. It mostly ended up being a verbal version of this blog really... I don't know if he learned anything new; I did probably tell him more about what happened after Kirk went missing.

It's funny, I can't really remember much about the interview; it did seem to go fairly quickly.

It took months after that for the article to come out. By that time we had met with the CID (and I had let Daniel know what they said), and I really thought maybe the magazine had decided not to publish at all. Finally Dan contacted me and asked if I could provide some pictures. At the same time he let me know that the article would not include much about Kirk and his background; he said he was sorry, that he had fought for it, but the editors had the final say.

I did fish out a few pictures. And I told him I didn't mind about the story being cut. I assumed that Kirk would hardly be mentioned, which made sense to me since it was no longer a mystery.

Final thoughts tomorrow.

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