Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things I Learned in Grad School: An Ongoing Series

1. It only takes one week back in college to begin seriously arguing that pub mix is so a food group.

2. Noun style is bad, usually. Sometimes it's good, but only when it's well done. Verb style is good, except when it isn't. Bad, good and well done are totally subjective and you shouldn't use them (except when you should). Semi-colons however are always awesome and indicative of great intelligence; they should be used frequently.

3. Many English profs cannot spell worth beans. In addition, many English teachers are hypocrites, a fact they will happily admit.

4. If a particular prof squints sideways at you and asks a horrifically difficult question and you find yourself squirming and desperately trying to think of something that is a)succinct b) cogent and c) witty but can't even figure out what the heck the questions actually means, cop to this fact and said prof will cheerfully say, 'Yes! Damned if I know either!!' Granted, you'll have to go have a lie down for the rest of the afternoon but at least you're still alive.

5. I can go an entire post without once mentioning THAT APPLE THING!!

6. Damn.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the new iPad look like 'Honey, I blew up the iPod'? Imagine, earbuds the size of potatoes.

Megan said...

Snerk. It's true! I mean, I still kinda want one, but that's just Steve Jobs whispering sweet nothings through the ether (he does it with my iPhone. Really). Also - iPad? TERRIBLE name, TERRIBLE. Within seconds I saw a graphic with the apple icon photoshopped on an Always With Wings!