Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I don't DO resolutions and I reject the idea that January 1st is some mythical magical time to get over your bad self and Change Everything. However for some reason this week a sort of, kind of... we'll call it Not A List at All set of things has been building itself in my mind. Viz:

1) I'm not in shape. I'm not OUT of shape, I'm just not in shape either. I've not been as good as I was about regular exercise (for various reasons) and it makes me unhappy. So
  • Get back to doing something at least 5 days a week. Which also needs to include
  • weight training which I haaaaaate and loathe and also includes
  • remembering that I'm not out of shape just because I'm still getting out of breath - the fact that I've speeded up considerably AND am going farther might just have something to do with it so
  • in order to keep better track of that I am going to be posting a little daily note to self on Twitter about just what I've done (apologies to Twitter followers, but on the other hand see below) and finally
  • take advantage of the darn cool weather and get to the mountains every possible weekend
2) I haven't been eating well. I mean, I've been eating DELICIOUSLY, but not well. Therefore
  • Stop being so darn lazy about side dishes and don't count a main course as a full meal. To clarify
  • Crackers or pistachio nuts do not qualify as side dishes
  • Vegetables do. Fresh ones which means
  • a bit of actual meal planning is in order to keep the house stocked with said fresh veggies [aside, darn Trader Joe's and their limited selection of veg! However, their herbed salad mix is v nice indeed] and remember
  • Costco, while useful for many things, is not really the place for veg.
3) I have not been terribly good with online friendships so
  • Clarify just what online communities and tools I can and will use and then use them which also means I need to
  • Respond better to comments, emails etc and
  • Actually sort out Twitter and figure out why it's not working with my phone
4) Keeping every last scrap of paper that ever has been, will be or is in the house is NOT an organized filing system so
  • Go through those two boxes (plus two smaller boxes) of files and
  • come to terms with the idea that it isn't actually necessary or helpful to keep pay stubs from when Kirk was working for Siebel systems seven years ago. Also
  • Off load the Children's stuff on the two Children who are now old enough to have filing systems of their own and make THEM figure out just which grade school report cards are precious and valuable. Then
  • Set up two boxes, dated, for older papers which can eventually be shredded and put a reminder on your darn phone so that the shredding gets done and things are properly gone through every year. All of which will
  • Justify that very nifty and great fun label doo-hickey thing you just bought (and did make a start with last night - whee! But the temptation to misuse was already there...)
5) Finances. Nuff said. [might be a post in this - very strange experience this is!]

And then some minor stuff like going snow-shoeing (got snow shoes! For Christmas! And there's snow! In some of the mountains! Am a bit excited), getting this Master of Arts thing organized properly, looking into a couple of non-MA related classes possibly and so on.

And to make a start on Issue 1, sub-list item 4, on Monday, 20 minutes on the bike trainer, 20 minutes weights; Tuesday, 20 minutes on the bike trainer - 3 sets plus cool down. Next update on Twitter.

Phew. Lucky I didn't make any resolutions this year, I wouldn't have the time!


Chymberleigh said...

Twitter help: in settings, click mobile, then make sure your number begins with 1 then area code then phone number, no dashes. To receive updates, go to the people you want to follow on your phone, and choose them there. *Oh god, I've become twitter-knowledgeable!*

As for the rest, good luck. And congratulations on your (deservedly) good year :)

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