Friday, January 22, 2010


Did any of you see this?

A U.S. contractor producing gun sights for the military has been engraving bible verse references on them. Really.

Now, the follow up story is that this company has voluntarily decided to stop doing this which, in my opinion, at least upgrades the execs from 'underpants on the head loony tunes' to 'capable of comprehending the concept of organizational meltdown,' so, well done execs.

However, doesn't it sort of beg the question of how this whole idea became a reality in the first place? Was there some top level think-tank meeting where they were tossing over ideas?

Think 1: Dang. Our gun sights lack economic diversity. It's tough out there guys, and, yes there's war and mayhem the world around but what if peace breaks out? What then? I mean we have to be prepared for a downturn just like everyone else.

Think 2: Oooh! I hadn't thought of that! I mean sure it's never happened in the history of ever, EVER, that the world has totally been at peace and no one has been contemplating offense or defense and not one nation has felt the need to beef up their military, BUT! You know, there's Google now, and Twitter, and while those particular bits of tech are currently aiding tremendously in global misunderstanding and lack of communication you JUST NEVER KNOW. We need something on our product that says we do peace as well as war!

So... what - let's engrave Bible verse references on gun sights? Brilliant! It not only gives credence and support to those who argue that Western armies are in the Middle East as Christian crusaders, also, as the Church of England said in a statement to the Guardian: "People of all faiths and none are being killed and injured in these ­conflicts, on all sides, and any suggestion that this is being done in the name of the Bible would be deeply worrying to many ­Christians."

On the other hand, they've managed to offend not one or two creeds, but pretty much every last belief system possible, which is some darn impressive stupidity.

Well done chaps.


Anonymous said...

Nothing honors the Prince of Peace quite like an uplifting message on a gun sight.

child 2 said...

ahh, i feel absolved...BLAM!
hmm, i feel cleansed...BLAM!
ah, now this poses a philosophical question which i must ponder...BLAMBLAMBLAM!!! dick chesney on a duck hunt!

Anonymous said...

It seems that "Truth" is almost always aligned with war and perhaps its primary cause. Congratulations on your return to school--learning new things (or even old things) is the best part of being human.

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child said...

hey, quit spamming my moms blog

Child 1 said...

Ooh just found a use for the holy sights. Death to spammers!!!