Monday, August 18, 2008


So who's tired of hearing about the twins? I know! You just never, ever get tired of it, do you? However for the very, very small minority who really couldn't give a rat's I do promise that this will be the last scoootah post... at least for a while.

Several friends are now considering buying one (possibly because I keep going, you must! Is so cool! And fun! And did I mention Audrey Hepburn?) and for those who are I present:


1. Cute guys will tend to check you out a lot when you walk across campus carrying a full-face helmet. You will possibly feel a bit guilty about this and want to explain, no I'm not cool actually, it's just a scooter. But you won't.

2. This same helmet when worn while going 35 mph provides 1/2 an effective but remarkably unattractive blow-dry.

3. It is wise to purchase a number of excellent sports bras. This advice is valid regardless of measurements of female scooter rider. It has not, however been tested on males mostly because we don't have one in the family who has moobs.

4. Pencil skirts and high heels do not work well with scooters. It is best to discover this within a block or two of one's residence. It is not wise to assume one can just go ahead to the nearby gas station because it's awfully close and it's very early in the morning anyway - you just might make the day of several truck drivers.

5. The small, under-seat trunk of a scooter is just large enough for one small purse, one pencil skirt and one pair of high heeled shoes.

6. You might discover you have no shame when it comes to wearing a nice blouse and a pair of track pants to get to work. Consider it the lesser of two evils.

7. Filling up the tank (at about 1/3 remaining) will cost a grand total of $2.95.

8. This will make you smug and unbearable for the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

Will a breifcase fit minus the other stuff?

pam said...

Well! Good for you! However, your typed pronunciation of "scootah" sounds a wee bit too much as though you were bred and raised in MA!!! Eeeek!

emily said... sure you make good points and i have to say it does sound like a lot of fun...
However i live in a country where for reasons unbeknown to any but itself, the sky decides on a pretty continual basis to dump gallons and gallons of water on the heads of all who live here...
I think for now i shall stick to a little car :)

For Kirk said...

anonymous - sadly, no. I can and have transported files, but not many. It's supposed to be large enough to hold a helmet, but the full-face one I have (being safety minded and having more then once tested the usefulness of a bike helmet!) is simply too large. You can get a "trunk" for the back although it's not rated for more than 10 pounds and honestly I thought they were a bit flimsy when I looked at them (particularly for the price). There is a loverly and tempting luggage-like bag available that would not only hold more stuff, it could then be carried by hand. However for the moment I'm basically just using a backpack!

Pam - hadn't thought about that! I promise we do not sound at all East Coast (and I should make it clear that I make no judgment at all on any regional accent and its attractiveness or intrinsic value). Instead we simply sound super cool. Really.

Emily - That does put a (yes, I'm going there) damper on things! I do stash a bag in the trunk to cover up the seat in case of weather and I think I'll end up investing in a mac but as of now I'm counting on the desert I live in to play nicely - any rain we do get tends to clear up in less than an hour. We'll see what happens this winter!