Monday, November 12, 2007

Off We Go...

The two ROTC Children (who are also the Civil Air Patrol Children) went flying on Sunday. No, really flying, in an airplane where the kind man with a pilot's license let them actually turn the turny thing and do things with flaps for an hour each. I know this technical stuff because Kirk was studying for a pilot's license and I helped so I can say things like Bernoulli Effect with a casual air of competence.

I am not a panicky type of mother so I not only agreed to let them go without a second thought I also did not spend the afternoon breathing deeply into a paper bag and imagining my offspring plummeting to earth in a fiery ball of destruction. It's okay though, I'm pretty sure my mother took care of that for me - she's very good with the Grim Imagination of Death stuff. I did meet the CAP instructor who was taking them up though and gave him a five minute interview to see if he was worthy of being entrusted with the safety of my prayshus babies. Based on this I decided that, although choosing to allow teenagers to take the controls of a plane he was in seems evidence to the contrary, he was an intelligent man.

When the Children returned last night this impression was confirmed.

One Child: ... and he said that we were naturals!

Other Child: Yes! And that I was the best!

First Child: He did not! He said we were equal. Exactly equal.

That, my friends, is a wise, wise man.


Emily said...

A very wise man, indeed.

For Kirk said...

Quite possibly one with children... Don't know why I would imagine that!