Thursday, June 21, 2007

Not Posting on What I Could Post on If Only I Didn't Have a Mother

It's so hard. It's like the entire universe is spitting in your Wheaties when something happens first thing in the morning that would make an unbelievable post, but you can't post on it because your mother reads your blog and she's not supposed to know about some things.

I mean, look at the ingredients:

3 children (ages varying, but all of reasonable intelligence) and me

1 homeless man (cleaner variety, nicely trimmed beard, belongings in plastic trash bag)

1 word that my mother does not admit to knowing the meaning of.

See, the homeless guy really and truly seemed to be trying to come up with a good opening line, something casual but friendly, something that would establish a rapport before he then followed up with the inevitable request for "coffee" money. I give him credit for that effort. It's just that, well.... he might want to work on his content.

But to go back to the main point, what he said was so obviously intended as blogger fodder, and I can't blog it. Darn my continuing efforts to keep distress out of my parent's lives.

After all, it was just the one word that was the problem, all the other words were perfectly fine for a conversation starter with a complete stranger.

It went something like this:

Oddly tidy homeless man: "I'd have a/an [WORD ALERT!!!].... If I could. Do you have some change?"

Phew. Got the post out of my system, and didn't offend any maternal sensibilities. I'll just let you guys fill in with a word of your choice. I even edited the article so you won't be unduly influenced by "an" vs. "a."

It's a class act, this blog.

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