Monday, June 18, 2007

An Excercise in 3's

Three things I thought I have but don't (anymore):

1 Bombay Company wooden shelf/plinth thing that hangs on the wall and used to hold a tasteful reproduction of a Greek vase.

1 set of 6 (does that still count as 1?) simple silver candle holders

1 can opener

Three things I have but had completely forgotten about:

1 brass unicorn, gift of grandfather at age of about 10 (actually gifted to entire family, but he placed me in charge of caring for it which obviously meant absconding with it when I married)

1 glass pumpkin (small), the only thing I could stand to buy from the annual Half Moon Bay pumpkin festival (except wine. We bought wine too)

1 small box shaped like two toads - best surprise of the move as I had forgotten all about this lovely thing and I ADORE it. Favorite thing in the house. Sorry kids.

Three things I thought were lost, stolen or strayed but which have turned up:

1 book on the history of the English language - a linguistic study (bedtime reading for children if they don't behave darnit)

1 high school diploma (see mom! I did gradumagate!)

AND - Kirk's division coin, his 8th ID division level coin that I thought had been lost in Iraq.

Very strange finding that coin. More tomorrow.

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child2 said...

I was the one who found that coin...and those toadies are pretty durn cute.