Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Moving - vignette

I went with my father to pick up the moving van from the U-Haul place. They had been very nice, calling me twice, once to confirm, once to remind me that indeed I had reserved a truck for the day and I would be expected to bring it back.

When we showed up, the woman at the counter surprised me by affectionately referring to the truck as "she." I hadn't really thought about a gender for a 14 foot orange-and-white behemoth, but throughout the conversation "she" was waiting for us right out the door and "she" had been started up just that morning.

She was also apparently PMSing because she had an enormous appetite both for boxes and bins (which she swallowed without complaint although I had that inevitable sense of dread that the truck wasn't nearly big enough for all of our stuff), and for gas as well. She happily guzzled five gallons in about ten miles. She also seemed a little cranky, wasn't exactly responsive to persuasion, and complained a bit about the way she was fitting into the driveway.

I have to say that I returned her without much regret.


Anonymous said...

Pssst, Full Moon. Tonight. May 30 at 7:00 GMT.

Dennis said...

I like it. Although, I think the gas was less guzzled, more like it went straight through "her" system.

For Kirk said...

anonymous - Full Moon duly noted and admired. Fangs were not at their best although I have been flossing diligently, but the body hair was splendid this month - that new Lupine conditioner is tops!

dennis - perhaps I should have tried chocolate on her? Didn't think of that... She was just a U-haul though so it would have definitely been the cheap Hershey's stuff - no use wasting fine European dark on a low-rent girl.