Monday, May 21, 2007

Big Brother is Watching. He's Just a Little Nearsighted

I have friends who are extremely concerned about the way personal information is so accessible. One managed to snaffle a grocery store rebate card without actually filling out the form because she didn't want her shopping habits to be part of the Safeway Conspiracy to Target Market. Granted, it was fun going with her to the store and watching the clerk's little face go all confused when they bleeped the card through and tried to give her a personal greeting. "Here you go Mssuzzz.... ermmmmmm havvaniceday."

For those who are convinced that organizations everywhere are keeping meticulous records of everything about us, I offer this slightly less than encouraging piece of consolation. Yes, they certainly are trying - but they aren't very good at it.

Case in point - today's mail which contained a nice letter from the good people at MOAA (Military Officers Association of America). It even had a real genuine stamp on rather than the computer salad in the corner. And it was addressed to:

Kirk von Ackermann
Col USAF Ret.


Anonymous said...

Twisted humor, I know. But it'd be kinda fun to ask what happened to the pension checks.

curious child. said...

what was it about?

For Kirk said...

Curious Child - it was a Time-Sensitive Benefits Survey (according to the outside of the envelope) should be easy - what benefits are you receiving? None. What is your opinion of the service you receive? Nonexistent, but otherwise splendid.

Anonymous - that was the FIRST thing I thought! Send off a very snitty letter to the Air Force declaring that Colonel von Ackermann is owed several years back pay AND a pension, and we want it now darnit!