Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Took a little longer than I expected. Mostly because I had to find the pictures I had forgotten about - the huge collection I had carefully archived in non-acidic tissue... like that's never happened to you!

anyway, as promised, here's a pictures of Sophie. You can read her story here.


child 2 said...

awww! remember the water trick?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful face! She just looks like she was a very sweet dog.

Thank you for posting the photo.

For Kirk said...

She was - entirely loving, full of fun, and endlessly loyal. We do still miss her!

Child 2 - oh yes. Sophie would pounce through the water to throw up spray so she could hunt it down and KILL it. She also tried fishing but was, unfortunately, abysmal at it.

child 2 said...

we had to catch them for her.

For Kirk said...

Poor little love!