Sunday, August 20, 2006

Investigation Status

I have to be really careful answering the question in the comment to the entry below. Keep in mind that I'm stating what I understand about things, and I might not have everything just right.

The investigation into Kirk's disappearance is not exactly closed. They still want to find the people who killed him - I think they know who it is, but those men are hiding. They also want to find Kirk's body if possible and there is still a reward out for information that will help in these things.

The large investigation is more complicated. There were three parts - Kirk's disappearance, Ryan Manelick's murder, and the allegation of fraud. The other two pieces are still unsolved so far as I know.

I should probably emphasize that - so far as I know. I was not given any information about anything other than Kirk's death, and since his death had nothing to do with the fraud or the murder, those things were not addressed. So my understanding is that the investigation is ongoing.

I want to publically thank the agents who met with me on August 9th. They flew out so we could meet in person, and were willing to take as much time as necessary to answer as many questions as possible. In a situation that was terribly painful and difficult they were thoughtful, considerate, and kind. They never forgot that this is a human story, and their humanity was their greatest gift to us.

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