Monday, February 08, 2010


Watching the super bowl with Child 1. I haven't watched the super bowl in... hmmm.... ever? But this year we had a Party with Food and People (okay, two extra people) and a Large Television (not mine) with American Football on. Child 1, having recovered from its experience in the Happiest Place on Earth sat in a comfortable chair happily stuffing its gob with sweet pepper slices and meatballs (not TOGETHER mind you, at least I don't think so) and offering expert commentary on the game. Viz:

Child 1: [a bit muffled due to meat balls] See, I don't like that team because last time in that run up game they were being mean and I didn't like how they were playing.

Knowledgeable Adult: You mean, the way they were tackling?

Child 1: Yeah! They kept hitting them. Really hard. I don't like that.


Child 1: I just wish football were NICER.


Child 1: Hey! He pushed him! Did you see that! He was! It was! He PUSHED him!!

KA: Yeeeessss... you see they do that in football

Child 1: I know! I just... I think... I mean, that player, he's probably going, "dude! Why did you have to do that! I mean, I am not made of metal" ... [feelingly] "I have a heart."

K.A. inhales his meatball and spends next five minutes attempting to remove it. Child 1 thoughtfully chews its sweet pepper and ponders the unfortunate message given to impressionable youth by American Football.

Later it, along with its sibling, experiments with dipping broccoli in sweetened whipped cream. Conclusions were definitive but discouraging.


Anonymous said...

Color me a bit puzzled...but was your birthday cake a broccoli shortcake?

Piper said...

See, that is why soccer is better,
you cannot argue about the niceness of tackling because it's against the rules. Also, the World Cup is not every year and the games are not like, oh, I dunno. . . four HOURS long?

child 2 said...

ah, but to the average american male they are without one necessity. the opportunity for four hours of STEAK AND BEEEEER!

Anonymous said...

nice read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Anonymous said...

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Child 1 said...

Stop spamming on this blog! Have thou no shame?

child 2 said...

well spoketh child one

Child 1 said...

Its bad enough they spam in poor grammer, but in characters I can't even read? Although I like the random SEX in the middle.

maturechild said...

heh heh heh...didja now?