Sunday, February 21, 2010


Felled by flu, but still alive. Just.

Stoopid flu.

More later, but just to prove life goes on in the pest house.

Children 1 and 3 are out back with a couple of friends having built a fire in the fire pit. One of the friends apparently was assigned a paper on piracy for some class or other and is, for reasons unknown, reading it aloud.

Which is why Child 3 just bolted through the house to retrieve its Christmas gift from Child 1 - a pirate bandanna with floppy Goofy ears attached (complete with earrings).

The fact that I was able to recognize this was standard Child 3 behavior and not a flu-induced feverish dream is, I hope, evidence that I am indeed recovering.

1 comment:

child 2 said... I'm jealous of such an awesome hat...