Friday, May 01, 2009


1 man-made duck pond, verdantly green with algae

3 dozen ducks

47-eleven goldfish of varying sizes

X-thousand undergraduates in assorted states of un-dress and/or washedness

2 handfuls toddlers with grubby handfuls of breadcrumbs

1 school outing (aged approx 6) half-heartedly chasing down an escapee who had slipped the hand-holding-chain

Why on earth did someone feel it was essential to post a sign saying, "Warning! Do not drink pond water!"


Mujja said...

So that when someone did drink it they could not blame their stupidity on others and make a profit from it by sueing.....its a sad, sad reflection....

Megan said...

And so very, very typical of our litigious culture!

Anonymous said...


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