Friday, February 22, 2008

Random Friday Thought

Do you think there's some sort of resource out there, a compendium of some sort maybe that is available only to certain people? It would have, alphabetically or maybe by subject, thousands of brief, bright messages intended to uplift and inspire in a single sentence. Maybe there would be a rating system with little icons so you could quickly sort through and find those that:

A) included a pun or other play on words
B) paraphrases or otherwise bowdlerizes well known quotations
C) are overtly religious

I'm convinced it exists and is the source for: all "inspirational" signs outside of certain American churches; a large range of greeting cards, most of them pastel and sporting doe-eyed creatures or floral arrangements; the fortunes in the ginormous bag of fortune cookies donated to Child 2 by its friend.


"God does not respond to e-mail, he responds to KNEE-mail"
"Don't turn over a new leaf, turn over a new LIFE"
"It is okay to have butterflies in your stomach, just get them flying in formation"
"Before you can do something you must first BE something"

There was one from a cookie though that I think missed its mark a little:

"Catch fire with a passion for something and the world will come to watch you burn."


Yes, maybe I'll stick with organizing those butterflies instead.


Anonymous said...

Related random thoughts:

Who gets to pick the names of colors for paint, lipstick and toe nail polish?
Who writes fortune cookie fortunes?
Who gets to make up street names?
Subrelated random thought - why does Elm Street never have a single Elm tree on it?

I've mentally exhausted myself. I need to go lie down.

Momma Em said...

Ha! A little to say the least.
My brain is too burnt to even articulate random thoughts.
TGIF indeed.