Monday, February 11, 2008

In the Zone

Last night.

Child 1: Wow, Mom! You got in three nags and you didn't even have to take a breath!

Right, I dominate the regionals, I think I'm ready for nationals now, don't you?


Mujja said...

I have had to admit defeat. My child 1 informed me the other day that she is a good teen...she doesn't drink, smoke, do nasty substances, she studies hard and does not go places or consort with people that she shouldn't.She is kind, thoughtful and mature for her age howeber.... her room (which resembles the holocaust) is her only act of rebellion... I have been asked to live with it lest another less attractive rebellious act should take its place.....I know when I am beaten..

For Kirk said...

Ah yes. Well. I'm fighting a rear-guard action on that. Public rooms? Fantastic (with prodding). Hall way to bedrooms? Well... I stack stray belongings outside their doors in the hopes they'll pick 'em up and put 'em away so, usually good, sometimes looking a little like the beach at low-tide. Bedrooms? Um. This week I'm hoping to get them to remove the top layer in the interest of archaeological study.