Friday, December 15, 2006

End of the Story

I've been struggling over where to end the story.

There's an argument for going on, for writing about what happened next: the phone call, the move and all the rest. After all, things did go on for us...

... but I started this as Kirk's story, and now we know that there is an end to it.

The difficulty is to place the punctuation, to put the full stop at the right point.

It's hard because it seems utterly obvious that the story is a tragedy. But I think part of the point of all of this is that his story is much more than that - that the tragedy (real, valid, true) is a part, but not the seminal part.

Kirk was (and that past tense is still not easy to use) a man of such life, such joy, that I would hate to think the tragedy of the end of the story overwhelms the enormous passion of the rest of his life.

I'm tempted to end it where it is - with a small Iraqi girl, and Kirk's delight in a new challenge.

After all, the rest of the story isn't his, and that wasn't the point, was it?


child2 said...

are you starting a new blog?

For Kirk said...

I don't know, Child 2 (golly, we should totally change your name, because Child 2 is so utterly exciting, don't you think?). I'm sorta kinda really pulled in several directions what with mothering and job-hunting and work and packing and all those vital things. I'm not convinced that there's any real purpose in going on. I suppose, like always, we'll just see what works!

erm...saladinhater? good name? said...

if you go on, there is the sort of awakening to what goes on because of this...all the press or media focuses on is what happened during it. they never get the real story. unless they are lucky little bastards.

Anonymous said...

I knew "For Kirk," for a short while. And, since I discovered this blog, many things became abundantly clear, immediately. I wanted to let you know,
I have enjoyed your writing, the witticisms, and descriptions of people and places(e.g. naked man, homeless man, guitar man, office with view of a wall, etc...), as well, as your passion for your husband and children.
I certainly hope things go well for you and child's #1-3. Blessings and Cheers.

child 2 said...

since when do we know anyone normal? =)

For Kirk said...

from_normal - it's just possible that you occupy a role in our family story as 'pygmy-chant man.' If so (and even if not) it's good to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

One, and the same. And fear not Child #2, 'pygmy-chant man' has been called many things, but normal is not one of them.