Monday, December 11, 2006


Coming back from that second trip into Iraq Kirk made up his mind. Before that, we hadn't told more than a handful of people what he was doing. He hadn't officially quit his job, so we just said he was out of town for a bit and left it at that. But coming back that time, he was sure - this was what he wanted to do.

So we told some friends, and started to plan the move. I only had two real ground rules: we were to be done with the move before Christmas, and I would not move alone, not again, not this time. He was going to have to come back from Turkey to help.

He promised. We would leave together, in November.


child2 said...

we left in november anyway

Anonymous said...

Were you moving to Turkey?

For Kirk said...

That was the plan. We were looking into international schools for the kids and Kirk was going to seriously look at houses and things when he got back from his third Iraq trip.