Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Kirk and I worked together a lot. With the obvious exception of his military stuff of course - although he did talk through things with me, in a non-specific, carefully unclassified way - we did most things as a team. When Kirk took on the coaching of our son's soccer team, I refused the post of 'team mom,' but helped write drills, warmed up the boys, made the team sign (see crap, making of, as discussed earlier) etc. When he and C were talking about making a company, I designed the website and helped write articles.

So C was well aware that he was getting two for the price of one. Being a bright guy he decided to harness this rather than resent it. While Kirk was getting himself organized and ready, getting advice, doing his preparation, C set me a job.

You see, although this company had a sister unit that had successfully operated in Afghanistan, they were still getting a few kinks worked out. There was a part, it turns out, a small but rather vital piece, that hadn't been sourced properly. C asked me, as a favor, to find a good vendor for this item.

It seems that the buildings were doing just fine... until the people using them tried to plug anything in.

Somehow no one had realized European outlets are not compatible with US electronics.


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