Tuesday, March 21, 2006

For Kirk

Two and a half years ago Kirk von Ackermann went missing in Iraq. He was the first American contractor to disappear. During that time we have waited and hoped while the investigation went on. Now we know it's time for us, his family, to do somethings ourselves.

So this is for Kirk. To our friends and family, it's a place to learn what we know, to see where we are now. For us it's somewhere to tell Kirk's story and ours and maybe find a place of resolution.

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Anonymous said...

I thought from this blog I might have known Kirk, for I did the DLI-Goodfellow-Devens 98GRU dance as well, altough half a decade earlier. I was at Wildflecken for 2 years also. I always search for key words to locate old friends. This is how I found this site. My stomach tightened until I read the time frame. I feel for your loss and wish to relay my respect for him as a like-minded, patriotic person. His endeavors, revisited on this site, are a testimony to his character.