Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Kirk's disappearance is being investigated by the CID. That's alphabet soup for U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (yes I know that doesn't work out to CID). We're on our... I think fourth set of investigators, although I'm a bit unsure about the first two or three since I never met them nor talked to them on the phone.

Although I've now met with them - first in the summer of 2004, most recently about a year ago, the whole investigation is still opaque to me. They were quite pleased a year ago that they have increased investigative powers, but those same powers appear to have limited their ability to share information (which was already sketchy at best) so although they do try to keep in touch, it's all along the lines of 'we're still looking, we don't have any news.'

It's a complicated investigation anyway as Kirk's disappearance is only part of it. Two months after Kirk went missing, another employee of the same company was killed (the day before he was to leave the country). His death is still unsolved. To add to the confusion, that employee apparently had laid accusations of fraud, and those claims also are being looked into as part of the same big investigation.

On the positive side, Kirk's small case would probably not have had as much attention and effort put into it alone. On the negative side, since there is so little evidence, it seems likely that they will solve or at least resolve the other two parts of the investigation and Kirk's situation will always be unknown.

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