Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Game On

Right, so say you're sitting in a hospital waiting room on the surgery floor having been told, two hours ago, that it would take two hours for the be-surgeried person to be put in a private room. And say you were also told to keep an eye on a nice monitor which would scroll your be-surgeried friend's patient number past every few minutes and magically change the background color when the haven of this private room was reached. And further say that you've already read your book AND checked your email (thank you i-pod and your magical internet browsing abilities). How do you pass the time? I came up with the following three options:

1. Scrub Watch: give one point for scrubs of any solid color other than basic hospital green or blue. Give two points for a pattern, three to five for anything with penguins, ninjas or Betty Boop (actual points given to be determined by players). First person to spot a point-giving scrub claims the point. Scrubs of green or blue, take one point from each player.

2. Pregnant or Not? Point given for each passing pregnant woman. Points are removed for each person going by who LOOKS pregnant but actually isn't (note: after ten minutes of play it was realized that a cap had to be made. Highly suggest only removing points for individuals seven months on or more. Even so, lost all points after fifteen minutes when a particularly large - and large - family came by).

3. Flora: Points given for floral arrangements - players can determine whether to give more or fewer points depending on the tackiness of said arrangement. If a plastic arrangement goes by the player closest to the arrangement loses all points (rather like the cow game on car trips - you know, you get to count all the cows on your side of the car but if you pass a cemetery all your cows die and you have to start again).

I won't admit to having invented and played (hey, it was a long wait, got desperate) Mad Scientist where you divide the human body up into constituent parts (hair, head, neck, bosom, hips, bum, legs, arms) and collect the most 'interesting' part that goes by in an effort to construct the best patchwork person...


Anonymous said...

That might work in an airport, substituting buisness suits for scrubs and suitcases for the Flora. Pregnant could still work.

Earthenwitch said...

Oh now this I like, and I thought boredom evasion had passed new places when I discovered Cow Kitty.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to put in a word for "...where is his tatoo and what does it say..."

Child ! said...

Man I miss you!

Puddock said...

Hee-hee! Well done! These games are perfect. I particularly liked the pregnant-not pregnant one, and the scrubs one...hell, I liked them all. :)

Now, if I find myself in a hospital desperately trying to make time pass quickly, I will think of you and these games - thanks!

PS - Glad to hear you loved one is out of danger and hopefully on the mend - happy Christmas!