Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Right, although it is dispiriting (and... well, we'll say irritating as that sounds mild and sort of like a rash rather than something soul sucking and stress-producing and generally end-of-the-worldish) that things are still a bit nebulous and uncertain when it comes to time, last night when faced with the option of a) fretting and b) deciding that All Was Lost because it is far easier (somehow) to NOT hope for the best and instead assume the very, very worstest possible of the worst I did something rather unusual- I plumped for c) assuming that while things aren't going as smoothly as I would prefer and there might still be some bumps to deal with, things are still going to happen, the claim will be paid (eventually) and therefore it wasn't going to bring the wrath of the fates down on my head if, for once, I had a little optimism and tried a bit of hope.

I'm finding it a bit difficult now and then, as it turns out six years of steady pessimism does tend to be habit forming, but it's also rather exhilarating in a mild way, particularly as when I stop staring firmly and unrelentingly at the delightful image of The Horror That Just Might Be there is actually a not-quite-so-horrible potential out there. So, here's what I'm doing to carpe the diem:

1) Taking the GRE so that
2) I can apply for a masters program and
3) Expand my skill set (and have a rather good time as well as I do like school) and
4) Graduate at the same time as Child 3 (yipes. Which will take some doing but is just manageable) and
5) Move to a climate not quite so enervating and possibly
6) Try something new as a job for a change.

Of course that means getting the GRE, the please-be-on-my-committee letters, the please-let-me-in-your-program letter (please? Even if it's the wrong time of year?), the please-give-me-a-recommend-thanks letters AND the writing samples done in... oh less than a week. Or so. Which is a doddle when you look at the fact that I am hoping to get my MA in a year and a half rather than the more usual two years...

I can't wait!


MitMoi said...

How exciting! And, "You GO girl" ... and I like this positive side - and OMG are you really?!? Perhaps you can be my trail-blazer for the Master Path - and ...


Earthenwitch said...

Yay! for extremely positive carpe dieming, and yay! for not allowing the pessimism to win outright. Keeping my fingers crossed for you on all fronts.

Megan said...

MitMoi - I meet with the faculty member I'd really like to chair my committee tomorrow to see how feasible this all is so I suppose the answer to "are you really?" is... if they let me!

Earthenwitch - and about time too! As a day-to-day person I'm usually quite positive and generally willing to be happy, I suppose I hadn't realized how pessimistic I was as a long-term person. It feels just a bit like hatching out newish - and thanks for the crossed fingers which I'm sure will help!

Now... to review exponents and other bits of unused maths...

child 2 said...

Good luck mum! haitin!

Piper said...

erm, comment on latest Twitter

I believe said bagpiper is a member of our band. He has been known to be extremely enthusiastic about playing for hours on end.
I swear though, he thought he was delivering beautiful music to all constantly.

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