Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Sorry! I'll respond to comments and emails in a bit but I wanted to break the silence before it got so thick I couldn't manage it.

Things I would have posted about if I didn't need to write that last post but now I can post about once I start posting again (which I have. Started I mean):

  • Child 2!
  • Child 1! (slightly less exclamation marky than Child 2, but still pretty markish)
  • Holidays, the taking thereof
  • Child 3, the interesting logic thereof
  • The Falafel King (no, really)
  • How Movies in Theatres Are Evil and (related) How My Darling Children Mock Me
  • (added) Totally Genuine Text Exchange, or: Why My Family Gets Odd Looks in Public

See, life has gone on rather a lot, it's just that this darn claim and the labor department and the legal implications and all of that gafuffle has rather drowned it out - at least bloggily speaking.

However, I'm back now, and primed with excellent blog fodder (see above).

I know you're all delighted.


MitMoi said...


Earthenwitch said...

I really am. Delighted, that is. And the falafel king? The world must know this story.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to have you back!