Friday, October 10, 2008


I don't write politics. I think them, all the time. In times like these I feel like I swim in them. But I don't write them.

I also try not to watch political ads (save me from the sound-bite solution to the world's problems). I avoid editorial articles if possible - although I read a select few. So many are so biased that I find myself arguing for the under-dog (of the moment) no matter what my personal inclination is. I don't get a print newspaper so the latest graphic zinger from the cartoonist has, sadly, passed me by. I also don't watch Biased-News-R-Us of either side but try to glean as much as I can about the candidates's actual stands on actual issues that mean something to me (recognizing that my Issues are not your Issues or even his or her Issues - what else am I supposed to vote on?).

However, in this election I honestly hope that if one particular candidate wins rather than another it will be not because he is black, not despite the fact that he is black, but because the majority of people (should they do so) felt that this candidate would speak for them in the places that need a voice, would act for them in the moments when a strong leader was needed. I would hope that in the end, should this particular person be elected, it would be an issue of: this was the man the people wanted.

Because, let's be honest, he's a politician. Like all the others - whether they are good at it or not - they are professional People Persons who Know The Common Man and Speak The Language. They are a race unto themselves. And that race, please - please - needs no other definition.

At least, right now,

I hope.


Will Webbyte said...

Unfortunately this is all too true.

People are entranced with the charm of an individual and rarely look into what an individual is really saying or doing.

Too often humanity looks to the outside for a hero to come and rescue them. That is how such large portions of humanity get lost and misled.

child 2 said...

tics-bloodsucking parasites

Megan said...

will - there's something so terribly comforting about a hero isn't there? It's so simple! And also so easy! Problem solved because: hero! All better. Then, natch, six months later it's sort of hey, we had a hero and human beings still don't have retractable claws AND I see no signs of that darn personal rocket-pack I'm pretty sure was supposed to show up so Down With Heroes!! Humans, eh?

Child 2 - it's entirely possible I have been a leetle too forward thinking in the whole "teach them sarcasm and irony and teach them young!" thing. You are sentenced to chanting, "puppies! Kittens! Rainbows! Ooooh! Sparkley things!" for two hours every night this week. It's for your own good.

Child 1 said...

This is the kid who's first song composed was "Sparkles! Sparkles everywhere!!!"