Friday, December 07, 2007


Yesterday I smiled:

In delight at the sound of a fat baby chuckle coming at high speed towards me

In sympathy as the basket rounded the corner and I learned the mother was sprinting as fast as possible towards the bathroom because the laughing delighted little boy in the cart had plunged both hands into his dirty diaper and was happily trying to wipe the result on her chest

In sheer joy as I contemplated the fact that my Children have now all been toilet trained for over 13 years


Anonymous said...

Also known as Play-doo

Emily said...

Someday, someday...

But, as my mother-in-law says, I won't wish these days away, poopy diapers and all.

Anonymous said...

your mother-in-law is lying.

Child 1 said...

hey i have the joys of being paid for these memories. yay babysitting! i think

i really hope the mother wasnt a germophobe